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Look out below!

–Dick's catchphrase

Richard Marion "Dick" Daring is a main character in The Replacements. He is the siblings' world-famous daredevil adoptive father.

Official character description

"A man child who has never met a risk he didn't want to take. His stunts seem to succeed despite him. Like K, he has no experience parenting, but a total lack of knowledge has never stopped him from doing anything."[1]


Dick Daring has performed televised stunt shows for decades. In one memorable stunt, Dick jumped a shark tank on a skateboard.[2] In the 1970s, Dick appeared in B-movies such as Way of the Furious Funk Dragon (his big break in show business).[3] These days, Dick constantly works on new tricks with the help of his stunt coordinator Phil Mygrave, and his stunt shows still sell out. He also hosts an annual holiday variety special titled Dick Daring's All-Star Holiday Stunt Spectacular.

Dick Daring is a spokesman for Fleemco. When Conrad Fleem created the replacement program, Dick and Agent K were the two first replacements. It is unknown whether he and Agent K were already married, or if Fleemco arranged their marriage. Whatever the reason, Dick and Agent K still love each other and their adoptive children. Riley and Todd took Dick Daring's last name when they were adopted.

In "Skate-Gate", Dick became the mayor of Pleasant Hills after winning a skateboarding competition. Dick ran for another term in "Truth or Daring" but lost to Riley. After Riley conceded, Dick and his opponent Harold Dullverson (who was tied with Dick) became co-mayors.


Dick is reckless, immature, and ignorant. Most of the time, he refuses to listen to Riley and Todd whenever they have a problem, forcing them to call Fleemco. Whenever Dick has an idea for a dangerous stunt, it is difficult to talk him out of it. He thinks that C.A.R.T.E.R., the family's talking car, is his best friend, though C.A.R. does not see it that way. He is also something of a manchild. He has a teddy bear called "Evel Bearnievel", and he had birthday parties at a bear-building workshop for the last thirty-five years. He is prone to throwing tantrums at the drop of a hat, and he sometimes cries when things don't go his way. Dick's immaturity often causes the episode's conflict.

He has been conned multiple times by Sloan Stone; once, he paid full price for a mule named Prince Cinnamon Boots instead of a horse like Riley wanted;[4] another time, he bought a bag of "magic beans."[5]

In "The Spy That Wasn't Riley" we learn that Dick is afraid of clowns and tries to force Todd to be a stunt man instead of a circus clown for his career. We also hear Dick sing his first true song, "Space Training Montage", in "Space Family Daring". It is also revealed in one episode that he is a better cook than K.

Dick is rivals with fellow stuntman Gordo Glideright. Thanks to Riley, Gordo nearly steals Dick's secret stunt plans in "A Daring Romance". This does not stop Dick from hiring Gordo as a backup dancer in the fifth annual Holiday Stunt Spectacular, in which Gordo ends up sabotaging Dick's "Oh Come All Ye Stuntmen" act.



  • Dick Daring's leitmotif is "See See Rider".
  • In pre-production, Dick was set to be voiced by Will Arnett, and then Bryan Cranston.[6] As late as February 2006, Cranston was still listed as the voice of Dick Daring.[7] Eventually, the crew went with Daran Norris.[6]


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