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I wear many hats.

–Jacobo, "Late Night with Todd & Riley"

Jacobo Jacobo is a recurring character in The Replacements. He is Todd Daring's best friend.


Although his shirt features the colors of the Flag of Spain, Jacobo is of Mexican descent. His dialogue is peppered with Spanish phrases. He also has a distinctive smile.


Little was known about Jacobo in the first half of season one, other than being Todd's loyal friend. Jacobo usually helps out with Todd's schemes, though he has his limits. Todd and Jacobo's friendship is tested in "Ball Hogs", where he nearly ruins his friendship with Todd over Carson Palmer's football.[3] In "Field Trippin'", he declares his love for Agent K, though the other boys also admitted to having a crush on her.[4] In "Clue-Less", Jacobo pretends to be an opera star in private.[5]

In season two, Jacobo's love for Mrs. Daring and his appreciation for opera music are at the forefront of his personality. His operatic singing voice becomes a running gag; his friends think it’s weird, but he finally puts it to good use during the climax of “Irreplaceable.”[6] Jacobo's love for Todd's mother evolves from a simple crush to full-blown attraction; he even fantasized about eliminating Dick Daring and taking Agent K for himself.[7] He may also have a crush on Riley. In "Private Todd", Jacobo asks Riley to go to an Orangutan Crew concert with him. He clarifies that they can go as friends, then he says "unless you want it to be a date." Riley insists on going to the concert as friends. In "Double Trouble", Riley interviews Jacobo at the speed dating service, where Jacobo accidentally calls Riley "K".

Jacobo has a variety of hidden talents. He's well versed in psychology,[8] and he once invented a functioning invisible hovercraft.[9] In "R2: A Tale of Two Rileys", Jacobo is revealed to have been part of the school's underground hoop-and-stick circuit; he stopped competing due to an unnamed (but serious) incident.[10]

Jacobo is mostly seen with Shelton, but he doesn't seem to like Shelton. When they get cornered by Donny Rottweiler in "Master Pho", Jacobo believes he's wasted his life if he dies with Shelton.[11]

In "The Truth Hurts", Tasumi is revealed to have a crush on Jacobo.[12] The two begin dating in "Irreplaceable", though Jacobo still has lingering feelings for Agent K. He eventually moves on from Agent K at the end, however, accepting that she's too old for him.[6]


Jacobo has dark skin and black hair. He is said to have a funny-looking mouth. He wears a rugby shirt with red and yellow vertical stripes, blue jeans, and black shoes.