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Pleasant Hills is the fictional town where the series takes place.


More than a century ago, Ezekiel Pleasantworth traveled west in search of land to grow kumquats. Upon reaching what is now Pleasant Hills, Pleasantworth planted his final kumquat seeds.[1]

Every year, Pleasant Hills celebrates Kumquat Day, commemorating the town’s founding. Kumquat Day is an analogue to Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. The holiday is marked with a parade down Main Street, and one woman is crowned Kumquat Queen.[1]

Before “Skate-Gate”, the town’s unnamed corrupt mayor abused his power. He even bragged about it to his constituents. The mayor was briefly replaced with a professional skateboarder named Trevor Bodie. Dick Daring became the next mayor through a skateboarding competition.[2] As of "Truth or Daring", the town’s co-mayors are Dick Daring and Harold Dullverson. Riley Daring had won the election in a landslide victory. Since Riley was underage, she conceded to the runners-up.[3]

Pleasant Hills was once voted The Least Culturally Aware Town in the World, making it the perfect place for Tasumi to hide. This also explains why the town's Little Osakatown is less than a block long.[4]

In "Campiest Episode Ever", Pleasant Hills is revealed to be in Indiana.[5] Oddly enough, Riley and her friends once traveled to New York City by car[6], yet in the series finale, the kids pass through a desert to get to Fleemco's headquarters in Ohio.[7]