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The first season of The Replacements premiered on July 28, 2006 with "Todd Strikes Out"/"The Jerky Girls" and ended on October 29, 2007 with "Clue-Less"/"Conrad's Day Off". There are 40 individual episodes, or 21 half-hours.


No. In Series Screenshot Title Airdate Prod. code
1a S1E1A Shelton at bat.png "Todd Strikes Out" July 28, 2006 101
After a horrible losing streak, Todd and Riley Daring decide to replace their old baseball coach with a new one that just happens to be a professional baseball player.
1b S1E1B Sloan Stone.png "The Jerky Girls"

July 28, 2006

Riley, who's a part of a group called the Happy Hornets, takes part in the beef jerky sale, even though they lose every year to their rivals the Sassy Sunflowers. Riley replaces their strict scout leader with a con man who helps them sell jerky by lying about the stuff it can do.
2a S1E2A Riley's new look.png "CindeRiley" September 8, 2006 104
Riley is trying to impress Johnny Hitswell at the school dance. To do so, she replaces the one-cut hair-cutter with a stylist that will give her a complete makeover.
2b S1E2B Todd, parents, and CAR at skate park.png "Skate-Gate" September 8, 2006 104
After not being able to skate in anywhere in Pleasant Hills besides a little skate center, Todd decides to replace the mayor with a professional skater so he can skate wherever he wants.
3a S1E3A Fleembot and Todd climb school.png "The Insecurity Guard" September 9, 2006 102
After getting beaten up by Donny one time too many, Todd replaces the ineffective security guard with a robot.
3b S1E3B concert.png "Quiet Riot" September 9, 2006 102
Todd replaces the mean librarian with a rock star.
4a S1E4A Riley the reporter.png "The Truth Hurts" September 16, 2006 103
After joining the school newspaper, Riley replaces the journalism teacher with an investigative reporter, who turns the paper into a sleazy tabloid.

S1E4B safe stunt.png "Jumping Mad" September 16, 2006 103
Riley is concerned about Dick's safety, so she replaces Dick's incompetent stunt coordinator with a physicist.
5a S1E5A Thunderbolt blocks Riley's head.png "The Majestic Horse" September 23, 2006 108
Riley begs her parents for a horse. When Dick buys Riley a mule named Prince Cinnamon Boots, she replaces the mule with Thunderbolt, the horse from her favorite movie.
5b S1E5B Todd and Riley imagine fam as carnies.png "Carnie Dearest" September 23, 2006 108
Todd replaces the carnival manager with a street gambler, then he runs away with the carnival.
6a S1E6A remains of Todd's car.png "Days of Blunder" September 30, 2006 107
Todd temporarily replaces Dick with an ace mechanic after Dick builds a shoddy Downhill Derby car.
6b S1E6B Riley and friends as cheerleaders.jpg "Cheer Pressure" September 30, 2006 107
Riley replaces the strict cheerleading coach with a hippie after failing to make the team. Soon, the majority of the school joins the squad. Meanwhile, Sierra quits and joins a sci-fi fan club.
7a S1E7A walk the plank.png "Going Overboard" October 7, 2006 105
Todd and Riley replace their babysitter with a kids' show host.
7b S1E7B Dustin singing.png "Riley's Birthday" October 7, 2006 105
On Riley's thirteenth birthday, Agent K tries to get Dustin Dreamlake to perform at Riley's party.
8 S1E8 screaming.png "Halloween Spirits" October 14, 2006 106
Todd and Riley replace their neighbors, who they feel lack Halloween spirit, with a vampire and a witch.
9a S1E9A happy dance.jpg "German Squirmin'" November 4, 2006 110
Todd replaces his German teacher with someone who speaks only German in time for parent-teacher night.
9b S1E9B everyone's dressed like Riley.png "The Means Justify the Trend" November 4, 2006 110
Everyone at school blindly follows the newest trendsetter, Heather Hartley. Riley decides to replace the trendsetter with someone unstylish and unhip: herself.
10a S1E10A Johnny doesnt notice Riley.jpg "Davey Hunkerhoff" November 18, 2006 109
Riley replaces the middle-aged lifeguard with a younger one (voiced by Zac Efron) then uses him to make Johnny Hitswell jealous.
10b S1E10B Todd giving lecture.png "Ratted Out" November 18, 2006 109
Riley loses Todd’s lab rat and replaces it with a new one, which turns out to be younger than the other rat.
11a S1E11A Todd and Master Pho.png "Master Pho" December 2, 2006 111
In order to fight Donny Rottweiler, Todd signs up for a karate class. Then he replaces the meek karate teacher with Agent K’s martial arts trainer, Master Pho.
11b S1E11B CAR plows animals.png "Zoo or False?" December 2, 2006 111
Riley replaces the zookeeper with an eco-warrior, who promptly frees the animals.
12a S1E12A Lady Lady gets excited.png "Best Friends For-Never?" December 9, 2006 114
Tasumi and Riley are having a falling out. After Todd replaces the school counselor with a professional wrestler, the girls settle it in the ring.
12b S1E12B Riley Todd and Jacobo.png "Running from Office" December 9, 2006 114
Riley runs unopposed for school treasurer, but then an insecure Todd joins the race.
13a S1E13A kids in tunnel.png "Field Trippin'" January 7, 2007 112
On a class trip to the ancient ruins, Todd replaces the tour guide with a reckless Australian explorer.
13b S1E13B woodland critters.png "Fiddlin' Around" January 7, 2007 112
When Agent K signs Riley up for a classical violin tutor, Riley replaces the tutor with her country music idol, Susie May.
14a S1E14A Boyzroq performs.png "Boyzroq!" February 3, 2007 117
Todd replaces the school choir director with a professional music manager who turns the choir into a boy band.
14b S1E14B holographic painting.png "Ball Hogs" February 3, 2007 117
Todd and Jacobo win tickets to a football game, where Carson Palmer (voicing himself) will throw a record-breaking touchdown pass. Jacobo gets a big ego after he obtains Carson's football, and his friendship with Todd nearly gets ruined.
15a S1E15A Agent K checks on Todd.png "iTodd" June 16, 2007 119
Todd becomes obsessed with a social networking site.
15b S1E15B Mr Daring eating ice cream.png "See Dick Run" June 16, 2007 119
Todd and Riley help their dad get in shape for the Pleasant Hills Septathalon. Meanwhile, Riley tries to kick her sugar habit.
16a S1E16A Dick Daring in a poncho.png "The Perfect Date" June 30, 2007 120
After Johnny asks Riley out on a date, Todd's parents force him to replace the wait staff with authentic French waiters; when they fail to show up, the Darings are forced to become the waiters.
16b S1E16B ruining Todds corn dog crop 2.png "Serf's Up" June 30, 2007 120
Riley is in charge while her parents are out, and she takes control of the TV. Todd falls asleep during Riley's sappy princess movie. He has a medieval-themed dream where Riley is an evil princess.
17a S1E17A Celebrity wipes Sheltons nose.png "The Frog Prince" July 21, 2007 116
Riley replaces Shelton's imaginary girlfriend with a real one, in the form of child actress Celebrity Starr (voiced by Miley Cyrus).
17b S1E17B siblings sprinkling fake snow on Quinones.png "Snow Place Like Nome" July 21, 2007 116
After being forced to go to school during a blizzard, Riley replaces Principal Cutler with a Caribbean man who has never seen snow before.
18a S1E18A Agent K and Dick kiss.png "A Daring Romance" July 28, 2007 115
Riley replaces Phil Mygrave, who's bad at giving romantic advice, with Dick's stunt rival Gordo Glideright.
18b S1E18B Trixies gifts.png "Maid for K" July 28, 2007 115
The Darings send Agent K on a much-needed vacation, and she gets replaced with a maid.
19a S1E19A Agent K performs vanishing act.png "Abra K Dabra!" August 11, 2007 113
Todd and Riley try to cure Agent K's stage fright before the student-parent talent show. When that doesn't work, Todd resorts to replacing his mother with a professional magician's assistant.
19b S1E19B Rileys old card.png "Kumquat Day" August 11, 2007 113
Riley goes to great lengths to retrieve an embarrassing card that was accidentally mailed to Johnny Hitswell.
20 S1E20 Royal Spy Academy.png "London Calling" October 15, 2007 121
When C.A.R. gets a job at the prestigious Royal Spy Academy in London, Todd and Riley enroll at the Spy Academy to coax C.A.R. back home. They unwittingly become involved in a plot to steal the world's spy secrets.
21a S1E21A robocat destroyed.png "Clue-Less" October 29, 2007 118
Todd's annoying robo-cat interferes with Riley's mystery-themed dinner party; when the toy gets destroyed, the party guests all become suspects.
21b S1E21B Riley in cage.png "Conrad's Day Off" October 29, 2007 118
Riley gets detention on the same day Conrad Fleem takes time off.