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Todd: "You brought flashcards on a field trip? Oh, you outdorked yourself, Rile."
Shelton: "[snorty laugh] Yeah, who invited the nerd?"
―"Field Trippin'"

Shelton Gunnar Klutzberry is a recurring character in The Replacements. He is the stereotypical nerd at school and an acquaintance of Todd Daring.

Official character description

"Woody Allen meets Jerry Lewis. He is hopelessly inept at anything he tries, but he never quits."[1]


Shelton is Dr. Klutzberry and Heidi Klutzberry's son, and Shelly's brother; he bears a strong resemblance to his father and sister. He and his family are Jewish; this is revealed in "Dick Daring's All-Star Holiday Stunt Spectacular 5", where he tells a Hanukkah joke. In “Shelton's Bar Mitzvah”, Shelton’s parents micromanage every aspect of his bar mitzvah without consulting him first.[2]


Shelton is extremely sweet and is kind to most everyone he meets even if they aren't kind to him. However, he also is weak, whiny, and a bit of a coward. He is afraid of girls, and once had a relationship with Celebrity Starr, which was very uncomfortable for him as he was forced into the relationship by Riley Daring.[3] He also has an imaginary girlfriend named Zelda, since an imaginary girlfriend is all that he can handle.[3] Shelton has a hard time standing up for himself, and is prone to letting people take advantage of him. In "Carnie Dearest", Todd tries to pass him off as his father in order to enter a carnival. In "The Frog Prince", it never occurs to him that he can simply break up with Celebrity.

In "Maid for K" and "R2: A Tale of Two Rileys", he is forcibly dressed in drag to pose as Agent K and Tasumi, respectively; in the latter case, Tasumi has him fake her deportation back to Japan. He doesn't mind wearing girls' clothes, however. In "Maid for K", Shelton admires the wig Agent K put on him. In "Boyzroq!", he tells the choir director his dress size before receiving his choir gown, which implies that he wears dresses.

He often thinks of himself as cool and calls everyone else nerds. He becomes very muscular and handsome when he takes his glasses off, but this is not to his advantage because he can't use contacts, and has to have heavy glasses (which causes him to appear weak and scrawny).[3] He is allergic to just about everything.[4] Despite looking and acting like a nerd, Shelton is not academically smart.[5]

Shelton always seems to be wherever Todd and Riley are. He just wants to be friends with the Darings. Shelton’s friendship with Riley and Todd is completely one-sided. With few exceptions, the siblings brush Shelton off whenever possible; they mostly use him for their own personal gain. Depending on Todd's mood, Shelton is either just an acquaintance, or “a nerdy hanger-on who can’t take a hint.”[6] Riley is more likely than Todd to help Shelton when he is in need, though she once flat-out stated that she does not care about him.[7] The siblings' friends also have negative opinions of Shelton. Once, when Shelton and Jacobo get cornered by Donny Rottweiler, Jacobo exclaims that dying with Shelton is worse than dying alone.[8]

His voice and mannerisms are greatly similar to the famous comedian Jerry Lewis's character from the movie "The Nutty Professor". When he speaks of characteristics or actions, he clarifies them by saying "with the" and adding a list of adjectives and effects (etc. "Victory is mine... with the winning, and the accomplishing, and the rubbing it in your face!"). When he gets hurt, he usually says "Hoigel!"


Official artwork.

Shelton has brown damp-looking hair, tiny eyes, and a hunched back. He wears thick glasses, a green plaid shirt with a blue bowtie, yellow high-waisted pants, and brown shoes. When his glasses are off, he has normal eyes and better posture.



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