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Don't judge me.

–Todd's catchphrase

Todd Daring (née Fleem[1]) is one of main protagonist characters in The Replacements. He is the lazy, trouble-making, and self-centered one of the Daring siblings.

Official character description

"Reluctantly good hearted. Todd's replacements are most likely made to help Todd. He's not as naïve as his sister, but he's not as bright as he thinks he is either. He's definitely a leap before you look kind of kid."[2]


He and his older sister Riley are the adopted children of Agent K and Dick Daring. He is ten years old in the first season and eleven years old in the second season. Todd's voice is described as being "halfway between Bart Simpson and Nelson Muntz."[3]


Todd is mostly self-centered, lazy, and troublesome. He hates school, learning, and reading. He is barely literate, and he does not know how to spell simple words.[4][5] He once had to be dragged to the library to work on his term project; later, he replaced the librarian with a rock star.[6] He seems to hate the library in general; he only sees it as a last resort whenever he gets his computer privileges taken away.[7] Todd would rather buy finished book reports than read.[5] He is proud to be ignorant, even getting offended for being called "smart."[8] However, in "Puzzle Me Daring", he briefly realizes that his ignorance is not a positive trait to have.

He mangles proverbs so they mean the opposite of what they originally meant, including "if something is awesome, you obviously want as much of it as possible,"[9] and "taking shortcuts is the quickest way to success."[10] He is also very impulsive. He has used his phone more often than Riley.

It is implied that he can do well if he applies himself. For example, he once calculated the exact time to call in to a radio show to win tickets to a football game, to which Riley said, "if only you used your powers for good."[11] He also excels at solving riddles and logic puzzles. Rather than putting effort into his schoolwork, Todd's greed leads to him trying a variety of get-rich-quick schemes throughout the series.

Todd uses his Fleemco phone to replace people for selfish purposes. When his replacements do not work out, he avoids taking responsibility. In one case, he expected Riley to be punished for his own actions.[4] Riley often teaches Todd about responsibility, hard work, and honesty; he sees this as fussing. Sometimes, Riley tries to talk Todd out of calling Fleemco; this always backfires. Ironically, Todd's inability to take responsibility for his actions is a trait shared by Riley.

Todd feels that he has an image to maintain. He is unwilling to do activities he considers lame or not cool unless there is something in it for him. When he finds out that his friend Jacobo is entering a Downhill Derby race, Todd thinks that Downhill Derby racing is lame until he discovers that the grand prize is a Gamecone 4.[12] Todd would rather repress his singing talent than join the school choir and wear a choir gown; he was proven right after bullies shoved him into an instrument case.[13]

Throughout the series, Todd has been romantically interested in girls. His first crush is a spy-in-training named Vanessa, whom he met at the Royal Spy Academy in England. Unbeknownst to Todd, Vanessa only flirted with him as a distraction while she stole the Spyclopedia. Even after finding out she is an enemy spy, he nearly gives the Spyclopedia back to her when she flirtingly asks for the book. In "R2: A Tale of Two Rileys", Todd wins a movie date with Claudia, and she is later seen massaging him. Abbey's younger sister, Tiffany, falls in love with Todd at first sight in "A Little Tiff". Todd realizes she can buy him a new Gamecone, so he agrees to date Tiffany on the condition that they must not be seen in public. Later, Tiffany reveals to the entire school that she only dated Todd to make her peers jealous. Todd begins to show a bonafide interest in Tiffany, saying that he never noticed how "deviously cute" she was, but Tiffany refuses to continue dating him.


Riley Daring

Riley confronts Todd for slacking off.

He and his sister Riley share a typical sibling rivalry. He is never willing to help his sister with anything. The biggest example occurs in "The Perfect Date", where he is forced by his parents to replace the wait staff at the restaurant where Riley and Johnny Hitswell were about to dine. Later, after the replacements couldn't make it, he roots for his sister's date to fail. He sees his sister as an annoying nag. On one notable occasion, Todd wanted to save Riley from the prison-like detention office, but he briefly backs out when he remembers the times Riley nagged him.[14] He is also jealous of Riley for being older and more mature than him.[15] However, Todd still loves Riley. It was Todd who suggested getting Dustin Dreamlake to perform at Riley's 13th birthday party.[16] The last line of the entire series—"Always, sis, always"—is spoken by Todd, in response to Riley's "Thanks for having my back, bro."[1]

Jacobo Jacobo

Jacobo and Todd at a football game.

Jacobo is Todd's best friend. In "Running from Office", he collaborates with Todd on his campaign for school treasurer by creating "Anyone But Riley" campaign posters. In "She Works Hard for the Movies", Jacobo participates in Todd's get-rich-quick schemes. However, Jacobo does have his limits. In "Going Overboard", Jacobo goes home without cleaning up the mess he and his friends made. The biggest obstacle to their friendship occurs in "Ball Hogs", where Jacobo and Todd fight over Carson Palmer's football, but they patch things up at the end of the episode. At times, Todd and Jacobo's relationship can be toxic. In the aforementioned money-making schemes, Todd has Jacobo take the fall every time their plans go awry. The second time it happens, Jacobo gets beaten up so badly that Todd has to use the money he earned for his dirtbike to pay for Jacobo's hospital bills. Overall, Todd sees Jacobo as a dependable friend, but he thinks that his friend's singing voice and his obsession with Agent K (his mother) are weird and creepy.

Shelton Klutzberry

Todd and Shelton playing video games.

Shelton often hangs out with Todd and Jacobo. Depending on Todd's mood, Shelton is either an acquaintance or an annoyance. Todd often uses Shelton for his own personal gain, as is the case in "Carnie Dearest", where Todd tried to pass Shelton off as his father in order to enter a carnival. Despite having a low opinion of Shelton, there is one instance where Todd realizes he is taking things too far. In "Hollywoodn't", Celebrity Starr makes a movie based on the events of "The Frog Prince". Celebrity seeks revenge for being dumped, so the movie is part of her smear campaign. Todd gets cast as a fictionalized version of Shelton, and he has no issue making fun of Shelton until he discovers that Shelton sees him as his best friend. Later episodes prove that the feeling is not mutual. In "Pleasant Hills Confidential", Todd calls Shelton "an annoying hanger-on who can't take a hint," and in "Shelton's Bar Mitzvah", Todd initially refuses to attend because he thinks it would be boring. In "Puzzle Me Daring", Shelton tells Todd that he admires him. Todd tells him to shut up.

Buzz Winters

Buzz is Todd's enemy. He regularly calls Todd names like "loser" and "Toad." Throughout the series, Buzz and Todd bet each other in different challenges, including a Halloween decoration competition,[17] a parent-child talent show,[18] and their fathers' heptathlon.[10] Todd's competitive attitude leads to him agreeing to Buzz's wagers, despite knowing Buzz's record of cheating. In some episodes, Buzz and Todd seem to put aside their differences, to the point where Todd invites Buzz to his sleepover in "Late Night with Todd and Riley". 

Sierra McCool

In "Cheer Pressure", Todd discovers that Sierra is a fan of Star Journeys, a sci-fi TV show. They form an unlikely bond until Sierra becomes a cheerleader again. In "Boyzroq!", Sierra helps stuff the choir members, including Todd, into instrument cases. Even after being bullied by Sierra, Todd still has feelings for her after their one-time bond. In "Canadian Fakin'", he accidentally gives a love letter for Sierra to C.A.R. In "Injustice is Blind", Todd draws a comic strip where a superhero named The Stinker saves Sierra's life. By "Irreplaceable", he finally lets go of Sierra. When Sierra calls Fleemco to replace her boyfriend, Todd sends Buzz as a joke.

Riley's friends

Todd infrequently interacts with Abbey and Tasumi outside of school. In "A Daring Romance", Todd and Jacobo explain to Riley's friends that personality tests are pseudoscience. His biggest interaction with Abbey occurs in "A Little Tiff", where Abbey confronts him for using her younger sister Tiffany for her money. When Todd sees Tasumi's face for the first time in "Tasumi Unmasked", he thinks Tasumi is a "hottie" without her battle armor.


Like his sister, Todd has orange hair, teal eyes, and freckles on his cheeks. He wears a red v-neck jersey with black and white stripes, dark green cargo shorts, and black shoes with a red stripe. In season 2, his shorts were changed to blue jeans.

As shown in "Running from Office", Todd had a mullet when he was younger. He wore a red varsity jacket with white sleeves.



  • His middle name was never revealed, though some sources give it as "Bartholomew". This may have originated from a running gag in "Pleasant Hills Confidential", in which he gives himself fake middle names, including "Bartholomew".


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